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Rhubarb Victorian Seeds (Rheum Rhabarbarum)

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Victoria is a popular forcing type of Rhubarb that first appeared in England in 1837. Rhubarb Victoria is one of the easiest Rhubarbs to raise from seed and can usually start to be harvested one year after sowing. It produces sweet, juicy, medium sized green stalks and greenish-red coloured leaves. It is a popular variety being extremely productive for years.

For the home gardener, rhubarb will tolerate a fair amount of neglect and still thrive, they are very tough plants. You will probably get a mix of plant colours ranging from green through pink with a few plants with red or partly red stems.
When grown as an ornamental, the huge leaves topped with tall stalks of white flowers with a green tinge are quite impressive.

Rhubarb leaves are poisonous to humans and livestock and should never be eaten. The leaves contain oxalic acid which is poisonous to man, and although you would need to eat a lot of the leaves to end up at a sticky end, they will give you a very bad upset stomach if you do end up eating them by mistake. Therefore it is only the stems of this rhubarb plant that we can eat.

Height     :24" - 48"
Spacing   : 24" - 30"
Sun Light : > 6 hours/Partial Shade
Water  : Average
Harvest   :  1 - 2 years
Sowing    : Sow seeds  1/4" - 1/2" deep
Germination : 10 -20 days
Long Stalks   : 12" - 14"
Color : Greenish to bright red stalks.
Use : Excellent for Cooking tarts, pies, jam & juice
Qty : 10 Seeds/ Pack