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Mix Varieties Blueberry - High Bush Seeds (Vaccinium)

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Extra Instructions
Plant Seeds in a flat bed of peatmoss. The peat should be 3-4" deep. Place the bed in a warm location around 70 degrees. The seeds in normal condition should begin to germinate in about 4 weeks (sometime longer - 2-4 months). When the plants are 3- 4" tall you should pot them individually. Be careful to not to hurt the roots of the seedings whent seperating them. Wait about 3 weeks to fertilize with half strength liquid fertilizer. Well water in summer. whent plant 12"- 18" plant in field. Most plant will have berries in 2 years and reach prime in 7 years. The soil Ph should be 4.5 - 5.5Ph.
What You Sould Knows
Seeds are from a mixture of Northern High Bush and Southern High Bush varieties, but there is no guarantee as to percentages of type. All of the seeds are from high bush variety blueberry bushes and have been stratified to produce nearly 100% germination rate. The seeds will grow to produce a large berry and will be a blend and or mix of varieties.
The seeds  actually should be grown in ZONES 3-9 in America not Malaysia but there is no harm to try.
We cannot guarantee you the percentages or the seeds will germinated. This is because Blueberry is non native fruit tree for Malaysia climates.
Height     : 4' - 6'
Spacing   : 4' - 6'
Sun Light : > 6 hours/ Part Shade
Water      : Average
Harvest   : Normally 2nd years
Sowing    : Sow seeds 1/8" - 1/4" deep
Color       : Dark Blue
Stratify    : 4- 8 Weeks
Germinations : 7 - 35 days (Sometime takes longer)
Ideal Soil  : Sphaghum Peatmoss
Ideal Starting Temp : 70 degrees
Qty        :  >< 30 seeds/pack