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Majoram Seeds (Origanum Majorana)- CLASSIC OREGANO)

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There are several varieties of marjoram; all have different-sized leaves that are green, yellow or variegated. Although all marjoram varieties are fragrant and taste delicate when cooked, each has a different flavour depending on the climate in which it has been grown.

Marjoram is oregano's calmer, sweeter fraternal twin. Oregano has zesty, peppery and lemony flavor. Marjoram is delicate, floral and more round leaves. The two are often used interchangeably but if you get up in their mix you'll see some big differences. Try and plant this to herbs and make your own comparison.

Height   : 10” - 18 ”
Spacing   : 8" - 12"
Sun Light : > 6 hours - Full
Water : Average
Harvest   : 45 days
Sowing : Sow seeds 1/4 " deep
Germination : 7 - 14 Days
Size  : Small Leaf
Color : Green Leaves
Use :  Excellent  for Seasoning Soups, Stews, Dressings and Sauce.
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