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Lemon Mint Seeds (Monarda Citriodora)

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The foliage makes a pleasant tea. Used by area natives as a digestive aid. 
Lemon mint and lemon balm are both members of the mint family, but are quite different plants.
Lemon mint is part of the Monarda genus, home to the North American mints while Bee Balms and Lemon balm is a member of the Melissa genus, named for its tendency to attract bees, Both of these plants are edible herbs with an appealing scent, and make an excellent addition to a window box, kitchen garden or container garden

Height   : 12" - 36"
Spacing   : 15” - 18 ”
Sun Light : > Sun - Part Shade
Water : Average - Dry
Harvest   : 75 - 80 days
Sowing : Sow seeds  ¼  " deep
Germination : 10 – 30 Days
Size  : Medium size Leaf
Color :  Light Purplish Flower 
Use :  Leaves used raw or cooked for flavoring in salads, cooked foods, and drinks
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