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Clary Sage Mixed (Salvia Horminum)

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  • Dwarf, compact habit and broader, bright mixed colors violet blue, pink and white bracts that last longer than the tiny enclosed flowers, giving an extended season of interest. The aromatic flowers have a vanilla-balsam aroma and are used in fresh floral arrangements. Also used in the perfume industry as a fragrance and fixative to tone down artificial scents.
  • The Flowers sometimes are added to salads or used in teas. Young leaves are in odorous, but have a certain spiciness when prepared as fritters. Medicinal Used:
  • Though the procedure is not recommended, the seeds contain a mucilage which when moistened is used to clear small irritants from the eye: thus the origin of the name "clary" or "clear-eye." Relaxes spasms and aids digestion. Not used during pregnancy.
  •  Height : 18" - 24""
    Spacing : 8" - 12""
    Sun Light : Full
    Water : Average
    Blooms   : 90 to 100 days
    Sowing : Sow seeds  1/4" deep
    Germination : 7 to 21 Days
    Size  :  Small
    Color : Violet Blue, Pink and White
    Qty : >< 25 Seeds/Pack