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Broad Bean - Crimson Flowered Seeds (Vicia Fava)

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They are an old variety which is seeing a bit of a comeback at the moment.
The plant is a little smaller than the new varieties, with  sumptuous deep crimson flowers, making it a pretty addition to an ornamental vegetable garden.
The blooms are followed by upright pods of sturdy beans with an excellent flavour. If picked very young, broad beans have the most delicate flavour and can be eaten pod and all: just top and tail and steam whole. The pods are definitely smaller containing 3 to 5 beans in each one. 

Height : 36 ” -48”
Spacing   : 6” – 9”
Sun Light : > 6 hours - Full
Water : Average
Harvest   : 80 -100 days
Soaked the broad bean seeds overnight - this will accelerate the germination
Sowing : Sow seeds 2 " deep
Germinations : 7 - 14 Days
Size  : 3-5 beans per Pod
Color : Light green Pod, Green Seeded
Qty  :  5 Seeds/Pack